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Check out these shoes

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Current learning projects


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As  a note for being a better consultant to small businesses that want to  be online. The insight here is that many businesses are blindly following advice to use social media to get followers but not translating  those followers into customers. Some pointers are given on how to make that translation.


The insight […]

Ways to host your pages and docs in cloud stores

These are YouTube demos on how to publish to a URL from your free or premium cloud stores

Onedrive How to use onedrive for web hosting Dropbox How to Host Your Personal Website On Dropbox How To Turn Dropbox Into A Free Website Hosting Service Google drive How to host your website on google drive […]

Collaboration tools with free versions


Site for Teamwork tools  and task sharing.  Key object is Teams


Organizational tools for individuals and multiple team memberships. Key object is boards (a container of lists and cards)


discussion and sharing for productivity. They advertise themselves as an alternative to Slack

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The World Wide Telescope

One of the cooler things on or off this planet is an open source project called the World Wide Telescope at: http://worldwidetelescope.org/

It is a free (as in beer and in speech) project under the auspices of the .NET foundation http://www.dotnetfoundation.org/. Here is the intro to their description:

“WorldWide Telescope is a visualization environment […]

Stuff I got to do

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Test of non printing characters using source view

Here are  ​ six non printing characters

a line

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Morning Sky Oct 14, 2009

An edit from the Open office blog editor. The pics were a few seconds loading but everything looks good. Now to upload.

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Morning Sky Oct 14, 2009

An edit from the Open office blog editor. The pics were a few seconds loading but everything looks good. Now to upload.



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