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Learning insights

Today I spent some time investigating higher education. I friend of mine said she would like to finish her MBA and was checking out online programs for that. This spurred me into looking at options for myself. 

I had been investigation some of the internet ads for online degrees. Most of those places are on the other side of the country which shouldn’t matter since it is all online but I thought I would check some close by options. this led to spending more than a little time on the web site of my alma mater, Humboldt State University(HSU).

HSU offers an MBA, https://business.humboldt.edu/content/master-business-administration.

It has a focus of Strategic sustainability. This means it is a green MBA. I doesn’t look lite-weight though. It is a one year program that includes a fulltime summer. It is full of financial management and strategic analysis courses so you will come away knowing something

The next thing I looked at was their Master of Arts in Anthropology. https://anthropology.humboldt.edu/anth-welcome

It is also a one year program with a summer program at a dig site in either Poland or Belize. Looks very cool. They have three emphasizes: cultural, archeological or biological. There last being for those who want to dig up freshly dead bodies rather than ancient ones.  

I noticed that all these degrees had prereqs, so I looked into how to meet those without going back and taking a bunch of undergrad classes. Here is a list of tests available to meet those prereqs. https://registrar.humboldt.edu/sites/default/files/pdf/catalog/general-sections/exams.pdf 

I then looked at ways of prepping for those tests and found several options. A particularly good way is online classes. This place https://www.edx.org/course/subject/business-management does a great job for that. you can audit online college level classes for free or pay a small fee and get a certificate of completion. I’ve done classes through Edx and they are for real.

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