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Google: How dependable is it any more

Part of Google’s success until now has come from proving itself to be a reliable institution on the web. today I got a notice from them that causes me to question that reliability. They have suddenly decided to no longer allow new Google apps small business or individual accounts. That is their prerogative but they evidently did this with no prior notice. This really jarred me. The disturbing thing is that this isn’t an isolated event. There seems to be an emerging a pattern where Google is changing and discontinuing several of their services without significant consideration for the impact this will have on the people they serve.

Evidently being a reliable institution doesn’t seem to be a desirable part of their business model. They seem to be becoming just another short term opportunist.

I have come to rely a great deal on Google both as a source of information and for their services. This new business direction is going to cause me to reconsider whether Google is still a reliable provider of these things in the future.

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