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Latest useful links

  1. Question #1
  2. New approach to locating xml with xquery
  3. mysql XML tools
  4. Changes in Infopath
  5. Xforms implementations
  6. intro to markup languages
  7. microsoft-sql-server-what-format-codes-mean-sql-convert
  8. asp.net news
  9. talend webinar archive
  10. talend en_open_studio Webinar For Dummies
  11. code as craft
  12. http://nodejs.org/
  13. v8 javascript engine
  14. wisdom-soft.com autoscreenrecorder
  15. perfect-3-column htm
  16. virtualize sharepoint.com
  17. pragmaticworks.com/
  18. This guide explains everything you need to know about using JavaScript
  19. Setting_up_extension_development_environment
  20. codrops great javascript articles
  21. Question #1
  22. Question #2
  23. Question #3
  24. Question #3
  25. Question #3
  26. Question #3
  27. Question #3


  1. Question #1 

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Table of Contents

XML and Xforms

  1. New approach to locating xml with xquery
  2. mysql XML tools
  3. Changes in Infopath
  4. Xforms implementations
  5. intro to markup languages

Workflow Resources

  1. www.cuteflow.org/
  2. www.joget.org/
  3. www.imixs.org/
  4. Workflow on Endpoint TV
  5. List of top open source BPM / workflow solution

DB Integrated Services

  1. SQL Server Integration Services
  2. SSIS Package Tools
  3. Integration Service Samples
  4. Integration Service Tutorials
  1. General Javascript

    1. jqfundamentals.com/
    2. A great Free online book by an interesting person that teaches Javascript and Jquery fundementals

    3. doctohtml.com/affiliate.html
    4. doctohtml converts MS Word documents (DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, etc.) to clean compact “web” (X)HTML pages, while retaining all necessary formatting.

    5. http://nodejs.org/
    6. v8 javascript engine
    7. This guide explains everything you need to know about using JavaScript
    8. Setting_up_extension_development_environment – Mozilla
    9. codrops great javascript articles
    10. html5boilerplate.com
  2. Learn Javascript

    1. jsbooks.revolunet.com Several Free and good book on learning javascript and related technologies
    2. github JSbooks source code for the revolunet page
    3. Mozilla Developer Network
    4. pythonbooks.revolunet.com/ Some Python books too.
  3. Javascript Template systems

    1. underscore template documentation at github a utility-belt library for JavaScript that provides a lot of the functional programming support
    2. github sstephenson eco github libary Eco lets you embed CoffeeScript logic in your markup.
    3. github creationix haml-js Haml ported to server-side Javascript. This is a traditional server-side templating language. Tested with node-js
    4. github janl mustache js Minimal templating with {{mustaches}} in JavaScript. I like this one.
    5. explanation-of-script-type-text-template-script How I found this stuff
  4. .NET Javascript

    1. JavaScript-powered behaviors available in the AJAX Control Toolkit In this two-part series, I’ll focus on the input capabilities of ASP.NET 3.5, but most of the information I’ll cover is also applicable to ASP.NET 2.0 with ASP.NET AJAX Extensions installed. I’ll discuss how to enhance ASP.NET input controls using some of the JavaScript-powered behaviors available in the AJAX Control Toolkit, which I’ll refer to here as ACT. This month I’ll cover the basic set of ACT input extensions; next month I’ll delve into more advanced features.

    2. ASP.NET Control Extenders
      ASP.NET Control Extenders are controls that derive from the System.Web.UI.ExtenderControl base class, and which can be used to add additional functionality (usually AJAX or JavaScript support) to existing controls already declared on a page. They enable developers to nicely encapsulate UI behavior, and make it really easy to add richer functionality to an application.
      The ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit is a great example of a project that takes advantage of this control extender functionality. It includes more than 40+ free control extenders that you can easily download and use to add AJAX functionality to your applications.

    3. creating a custom AJAX control extender
      This tutorial introduces the basics of creating a custom AJAX control extender. We discuss embedded resources, property decorations (attributes), and client-side Web service calls.
    4. Accessing a file from SQL Server stored procedure or function In this article, we will discuss a sample CLR function that illustrates accessing an external resource such as a file from inside a SQL Server stored procedure or function, .
    5. Introduction to JQuery Learn JQuery from scratch in ASP.NET 4.0
    6. This tutorial will show you how to create and implement an AJAX-enabled WCF Service into an ASP.NET Web page
    7. and I need to insert the data in xml into a table.
  5. Javascript Date stuff


    1. minodisk/dateformat-js Formatting Date to String and parsing String to Date module for Node.js, RequireJS, and browser
    2. stackoverflow.com/questions/3552461/how-to-format-javascript-date how can i format a javascript date object to print as “10-Aug-2010”
    3. getting-started-with-datejs Welcome grasshopper. Let us begin.
    4. groups.google.com/group/datejs
    5. code.google.com/p/datejs
    6. datejs/wiki/APIDocumentation
    7. stackoverflow.com/questions/1056728/formatting-a-date-in-javascript
    8. github.com/minodisk/dateformat-js Formatting Date to String and parsing String to Date module for Node.js, RequireJS, and browser.
    9. webdevelopersnotes.com/tips/html/10_ways_to_format_time_and_date_using_javascript
    10. jacwright.com/projects/javascript/date_format
    11. fisforformat.sourceforge A JavaScript Library that extends JavaScript’s Date object
    12. Where to get it. date.format.js * Accepts a date, a mask, or a date and a mask. Returns a formatted version of the given date.

Some CSS Stuff

  1. image_free_css_tooltip_pointers_a_use_for_polygonal_css
  2. filamentgroup.com welcome to our lab
  3. HTML/slantinfo.html
  4. meyerweb.com/eric/css/edge/slantastic/demo


  1. Java Tutorials
  2. www.javabeginner.com
  3. BLueJ Help
  4. netbeans.org
  5. New to Java Programming Center
  6. Java at Oracle
  7. Java Downloads

data warehousing and reporting

  1. Replication in data warehousing and reporting applications
  2. Replication Publishing Model Overview
  3. Transactional Replication Overview
  4. How Transactional Replication Works
  5. Filtering Published Data


  1. SharePoint Foundation 2010 ResourcesPrinciple resource for this server
  2. The Query schema of Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML)
  3. Introduction to Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML)
  4. The View schema of Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML)
  5. The list schema of Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML)
  6. The Query schema of Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML)
  7. CAML HTML-Rendering Elements
  8. CAML Data-Defining Elements
  9. lists the SharePoint Foundation Remote Procedure Call (RPC) protocol methods that are described in this reference.
  10. Microsoft.SharePoint.Client Namespace
    Provides a subset of types and members in the Microsoft.SharePoint namespace for working with a top-level site and its lists or child Web sites.
  11. SP Namespace
    Provides a subset of types and members in the Microsoft.SharePoint namespace for working with a top-level site and its lists or child Web sites.
  12. U2U CAML Query Builder for SharePoint 2007/2010 (Windows Version) CAML (Collaborative Application Markup Language) is an XML-based query language that helps you querying, building and customizing Web sites based on Windows SharePoint Services. The XML elements define various aspects of a WSS site.
    The tool will help you build, test and execute your CAML Queries. Detailed documentation is included in this document. This version of the tool only let you build CAML queries for execution against lists.
  13. Sharepont Online

    1. SharePoint Online Developer Resource Center
    2. SharePoint Online for Office 365: Developer Guide
    3. SharePoint Online Features PricingSharePoint Online lets you create sites to share documents and information with colleagues and customers.

Blue print

  1. http://dkitchen.net/blog/?tag=css
  2. https://github.com/joshuaclayton/blueprint-css/wiki/Tools-and-Resources
  3. http://bluecalc.xily.info/
  4. http://www.problem.se/labs/gridcalc/
  5. http://ianli.com/blueprinter/
  6. http://www.blueprintcss.org/
  7. http://www.groupion.com/jobs

Odd Stuff

  1. microsoft-sql-server-what-format-codes-mean-sql-convert
  2. asp.net news
  3. talend webinar archive
  4. talend en_open_studio Webinar For Dummies
  5. code as craft
  6. wisdom-soft.com autoscreenrecorder
  7. perfect-3-column htm
  8. virtualize sharepoint.com
  9. pragmaticworks.com/
  10. www.colorcombos.com
  11. 5_things_wrecking_your_sex_life

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