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Sharepoint blogging assessment 1

As of 2009 the consensus was that SharePoint was a half-baked blogging tool and if you wanted to blog use WordPress. I believe this is one of the reasons SharePoint 2010 included so many changes and why it is not really backward compatible. This means that the SharePoint 2010 as a blogging tool is a different beast from earlier SharePoint blogging tools and is therefore not well-tested or maybe I should say not well assessed in the market. As of now, in any straight across comparison of WordPress and SharePoint blog tools, WordPress is going to win. It is designed and supported as a blogging tool. It has a stronger developer base and larger user base. SharePoint is a multipurpose collaboration suite with blogging as a tangential feature. For basic features such as creating and publishing a post they are very comparable. For simple posting of text to an intranet site, SharePoint seems to work fine. If one wants a sophisticated public presence, WordPress has the features now to allow one to build that presence. SharePoint 2010 is so new that additional tools and add-ons aren’t yet available in a way that compares with WordPress. WordPress however wasn’t designed to work with enterprise connectivity such as Active Directory. It is meant as an outward facing tool. I understand that there maybe add-ons to allow network authentication and authorization. I am not familiar with how well they work. SharePoint on the other hand was designed with network security in mind. This is what I see as the reason to use SharePoint rather than WordPress for intranet information posting.

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